Fitness For The Forty Year Old – Welcome!



I have managed to ‘keep fit’ since I was in my early twenties and since my mid thirties, would find it hard to ‘manage’ NOT to stay fit.   I say ‘managed’ because in my twenties, at times, it was a nightmare to fit exercise in, to stay motivated and to feel a difference.  Yet as the years went on and I made some adjustments to my attitude, approach and routines when keeping fit, I began to find it (and still do) nigh on impossible to stop working out.

My fitness blogs aim to provide some advice and support for those wanting to work out who are perhaps new to exercise, or, haven’t exercised in a while.  I am not one of these ultra fit women who live and die for exercise.  I do not diet.  I enjoy a glass or five of wine and love gin.  There will certainly be fitter people than me at the gym.  However, with just weeks to go until I’m forty, I’m able to work out pretty intensively, have an excellent cardio fitness range and remain a size 10 as I have done so all my life.  I have also done numerous classes and workout routines at the gym and at home and wish to share some of my experiences with you.  Welcome.


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